We took the first step in order to,

Investigate and tender the right conditions of investment,

Facilitate and accelerate the buying and selling processes,

Constituting the most appropriate and fastest option for leases in accordance with demands,  

We come to these days with proactive service approach that focuses on transparency, trust and a smiling face have been our biggest gains. Since the first day, we have always paid great attention to every return to ensure customer satisfaction, which is our primary goal, and in this context, we take care to stay in constant contact with our customers. As a result of the service we provide with the aim of providing maximum satisfaction for everyone in this process, we are experiencing the happiness and pride of being able to own or rent real estate for hundreds of our customers.

In this direction, we strive to serve our customers at all times with developing technology and our business models compatible with changing conditions. In addition to these works, we have received the authority of Real Estate Expert of the T.C Ministry of Justice in 2017, and in this context, we offer our customers reliable expertise service free of charge.

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The Right Address of Real Estate Property

If you want to;

  1. Find the real estate property that you want without wasting time by means of a wide portfolio,
  2. Designate the rightest real estate property in the balance of price-performance
  3. Get reliable consultancy service in the line with your expectations and demands
  4. Make your realty trade according to your criteria
  5. Own or rent real estate property in 4. Levent in which one of the central location of Istanbul
  6. Take advantages of our service of furnished flat
  7. Ensure your real estate trade proceeds in accordance with legal procedures

Proxy Real Estate is the right address for you…


Close to Business And Shopping Center

4. Levent is a center which is walking distance to business and shopping centers such as Akbank, İş Bank, QNB Finansbank towers and Sapphire; also near to the business and shopping centers of Maslak, Levent, Gayrettepe and Mecidiyeköy, providing you to evaluate your day without wasting time.

Access to All Universities in Istanbul

From a total of 136 campuses belonging to 12 state universities(45 campuses), 41 foundation universities(91 campuses), and 3 vocational schools of higher education(4 campuses) in Istanbul, it is possible to get access 65 campuses with one means, 63 campuses with two means, 8 campuses with three means by using 4. Levent metro and bus stops.

Easy Transportation With Vehicle

From 4. Levent to Besiktas, Sisli, Gayrettepe, Etiler, Maslak and Kagithane you can drive in a short time; as well as  Fatih Sultan Mehmet, 15 Temmuz Sehitler, and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges are easily connected to the connection roads.

  • Gayrettepe : 3 km
  • Sisli : 4 km
  • Etiler : 4 km
  • Besiktas : 5 km
  • Maslak : 5 km
  • Kagithane : 6 km
  • Taksim : 8 km
  • Eminonu : 10 km
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge : 4,5 km
  • 15 Temmuz Sehitleri Bridge : 5 km

Public Transportation to Everywhere

4. Levent is one of the few residential areas in Istanbul where there is easy and fast access to central parts of Istanbul due to the short distance in bus and minibus use; as well as by metro or ferry, metrobus or marmaray transfer without any traffic problems.

  • Levent : 3 min.
  • Gayrettepe / Zincirlikuyu : 10 min.
  • Maslak : 10 min.
  • Sisli / Mecidiyekoy : 15 min.
  • Etiler : 20 min.
  • Taksim : 20 min.
  • Kagithane : 20 min.
  • Kavacik : 20min.
  • Besiktas : 25 min.
  • Ortakoy : 30 min.
  • Okmeydani : 30 min.
  • Bebek : 35 min.
  • Eminonu : 40min.
  • Eyup : 40 min.
  • Uskudar : 40 min.
  • Kadikoy : 50 min.

High Prestigious Luxury Projects

If you want to take part in high prestigious and luxurious residence projects such as Greenox Urban, Casada9620, Casada9639, Asistanbull, Adatepe Teras, KentA-B, Hilltown and NetLevent located in 4. Levent region and its surroundings location, we are at your service with our portfolio for sale, rent and furnished apartments and workplace options.

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